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Customer Focused. Technology Fueled.

Ewrit Filing

Everything about eWrit Filings is designed to obtain the best court dates and the earliest eviction dates while making the process as easy as possible for its clients. It is a technology company that is run by a team of former
property management professionals.

eWrit's cutting edge technology means:

  • Property Bookkeeper spends less time completing his part of the filing process, free him up to focus on other tasks
  • “Double filing” is virtually eliminated.
  • Management reports are available to monitor and improve the community’s filing related collection processes.
  • eWrit consistently keeps up with the ever-evolving technology used by the courts.

Property Management background inspired strong customer service:

Why use an attorney when you have better options? When it comes to Landlord/Tenant filing you want a team that is focused on getting you the best court and eviction dates, has great relationships with the court clerks and sheriffs/constables’ offices, and is available to answer your questions at the time you need it. Services you can expect from eWrit include:

  • We will prepare and file Summary Ejectment Complaints and Warrants of Restitution at a flat cost per notice plus court costs
  • We will appear in rent court to receive judgments. This allows your employees to stay in your office…where you need them most
  • eWrit Filings is one of the few Rent Court agencies that has the ability to electronically file their cases in Prince George’s County rent court
  • Our goal is to have all eviction cases filed within one business day
  • We can schedule your evictions for you*
  • First and second filing options are offered each month
  • We will provide you with monthly reports detailing court dates, filing balances, judgments, case numbers and much, much more.